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with Roxanne Harris

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Are you ...

  • ready for more energy?

  • struggling with digestive issues?

  • feeling like your relationships are falling apart?

  • feeling beaten down and ready to give up?

  • frustrated by brain fog?

  • dealing with anxiety and panic attacks?

  • and your mood on a constant rollercoaster?

Are you ready to start living your best life?

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Are you living in isolation & missing out on new opportunities, family time & fun due to your symptoms and disease?

Has Netflix become your best friend?

Are you dealing with chronic disease and inflammatory-related symptoms? Do you have Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, Crohns/ Colitis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Reflux, GERD, Endometriosis, Lyme, Celiac, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Scleroderma, Restless Leg Syndrome, Raynaud’s, MS, or Diabetes?

Have you been passed from doctor to doctor with no answers let alone solutions? Has your own Doctor shrugged you off saying "there is nothing more they can do?"

It's never too late to take ownership of your well-being

Trust me, I know.

I know how it feels to be dismissed and disrespected. I know how it feels to somehow have to prove your illness. For over 18 years I struggled with Autoimmune disease, extreme pain and life limiting mobility issues and I was told that my lot in life would be a wheelchair.

It didn’t matter how many pills I took, nothing helped. Sadly, I got worse. I was told to give up, but I said NO and decided to fight for my life and my health!

You see I was tired of the lies, the absence of any real solution, the dismissive responses of the medical system, missing out on my kids' lives, losing friends because I was in too much pain to enjoy life, and I was sick of watching other people around me suffer.

So I went on an extraordinary mission to heal my autoimmune disease.

What I discovered was staggering

I have been using this information to heal my body, my emotions, and my spirit. Now I am living my beautiful life, free of pain and symptoms! I am happier, more energetic, calmer, more peaceful and enjoying life fully once again!

NOW I am on a personal mission to help individuals like you, live their best lives, free of the B.S. that the medical system has been peddling for years. There is help, there is hope, there is health freedom.

Throughout my journey as a health and wellness practitioner for the past 14 years,

I've worked and studied with some of the world's leading experts in health and wellness.

I’ve helped hundreds of clients experience life-changing transformations, physically and emotionally.

However, what I learned is that wellness is not a temporary alteration, a temporary diet, or a quick fix.

There is no magic pill. Wellness is about incorporating specific lifestyle changes, protocols and mindsets that become part of who you are and who you want to be. They shape how you want to feel physically, emotionally and spiritually every day.

If you have wasted time and money seeing numerous doctors, specialists, even natural healthcare practitioners, trying to get to the bottom of why you are STILL stuck and suffering,

then you MUST keep reading!

If you are finding it difficult to focus, or don't have the energy to get things done, or maybe you are worried about your weight, or have digestive issues, or anxiety, brain fog, hair loss, libido issues, or mood swings, or perhaps you have become a hormonal basket case.. guess what? You are not crazy. And I will prove it!

Have you applied all of the strategies and “cures”, yet, you still struggle to be healthy, and go through your days experiencing fear, anxiety, pain and even depression?

If this sounds like you, prepare yourself because I am about to blow the lid on why the advice from the gurus and doctors who keep feeding you bottles of pills and supplements

is wrong at best
& dangerous at worst.

Here's the thing - unfortunately there is an epidemic of health care providers that don't listen, think they "know best", and they don't really understand the complexity of Autoimmune disease and root cause. Worse, there are still many people out there that will tell you there is NOTHING you can do about it! That this illness and these limitations are your lot in life.

I want to assure you right from the get-go, that HEALING is POSSIBLE and there is hope for you. Your disease does not have to be a life sentence of suffering. Are YOU ready to finally kick your disease to the curb and heal your body and start living your best life ever?

Client love

I’ve suffered from a number of chronic health problems since I was 8 years old. When the conventional medical system failed to provide effective treatment or relief, I turned to a variety of alternative health practices including acupuncture, chiropractic and naturopathy.

Roxanne has helped me more in the first six weeks of treatment than any of the other health professionals I’d consulted. It’s the way that  Roxanne integrates the spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of health that has made such a profound difference for me.



This is just a quick MSG to say thank you.  Thank you for saving me. The impact you’ve had on me is unbelievable. You literally saved my life, my relationships and helped me be the best of me that I could be. I’m eternally grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

J. D'eon


Just imagine for a moment

What would your life be like if ...

  • You had abundant energy?

  • You were able to exercise and be fit without pain?

  • You could SLEEP again and feel totally refreshed in the morning.

  • Your anxiety and panic attacks stopped?

  • You could SLEEP again and feel totally refreshed in the morning.

  • You had the energy and the mental stamina to PERFORM in your career? or BE a better mother or wife, or friend?

All of this is possible! Let yourself dream again

of a vibrant, joyful, productive life!

So, if you're sick and tired of being sick and tired!

Or feeling hopeless, defeated and discouraged...

then I want you to know, you're NOT alone - there is HOPE and HELP right here,

right now.


It’s time for you to

engage your wellness!


& years of clinical research.

I have studied what has been proven in the field to be the most effective pathways that bring about a truly transformed wellness lifestyle. This program will push you past your boundaries, and beyond what you thought was possible for your health and wellness. You will experience life fully, vibrant with love, peace, joy, acceptance, and fulfillment each and every day.
You don’t have to shoulder the cost of the time, education and doctor bills I have accumulated over the years. You don’t have to waste any more time at all.

While there’s no magic solution, in 14 years of working with patients - I have noticed a pattern.

The people who reach their wellness goals are the ones who take responsibility for their health and engage with their wellness and get world-class support. They set goals, get educated, and use their passion about their vitality and wellness to implement the key foundational building blocks of health. They truly thrive and create their own beautiful life, fully transformed and alive.

more Client love

I started going to Roxanne after seeing how impressed my brother was with her techniques and treatments. Roxanne is able to figure out the proper diet, supplements and exercise routine to suit one’s individual needs. I have tried numerous holistic treatments with different naturopaths in the past but going to Roxanne has made a huge difference in my life and given me peace of mind as well. I would like to add that my 91 year old mother is now also a patient and amazed that Roxanne was able to pinpoint a condition that other doctors were unable to figure out. I highly recommend Roxanne to anyone who values their health.



My chiropractor recommended Roxanne to me. My rash is gone and my IBS and menopause symptoms are gone or under control. I have lost the 35 lbs that I wanted to and I feel amazing.

Thank you, Roxanne, for all you have done for me. My family and I cannot say enough about you. My life is not lived by my IBS anymore.
God Bless you.



You are beautiful. You are strong.

You are worth it.

It’s time to start your journey and dream about the possibilities of your future!

Are you ready? Are you all in?


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